Which, if any, of the following proposed workshops would you be interested in attending? See below for a description of each workshop:


This is a joint workshop to introduce scientists to the Cambridge Structural Database and its applications along with Olex2, a very popular small molecule data processing and structure solution package. At the conference the attendees will receive up-to-date information about the current use of these applications. It is planned that there will be opportunity for hands-on experience with the techniques.


This is a joint workshop to introduce the latest developments in CCP4 and Autorickshaw which are two very popular applications in use by macromolecular crystallographers for data processing and structure solution. Scientists from CCP4 will be in attendance to provide advice on programme use, and the author of AutoRickshaw, Santosh Panjikar, will be presenting on the use of his powerful phasing application.

SBGrid – Structural biology software infrastructure

This workshop is designed to introduce structural biologists in the configuration and use of SBGrid, which is an NIH funded non-profit consortium to provide access to key structural biology software applications needed for the modern structural biologist. It includes X-ray crystallography, SAXS, NMR and protein interaction software, among many others and provides full installation support. In addition it is positioned to help laboratories who desire to move into cryoEM structure determination

LCP – Lipidic cubic phase workshop

We are proud to present the 2nd LCP workshop in association with AsCA2018/Crystal32 conference at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. This meeting aims to bring together researchers from Australia and Asia who share a common interest in Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) crystallisation methods and sample delivery. Invited speakers include noted structural biologists and biophysical chemists. The workshop will cover the most recent LCP developments in serial crystallography both at the Australian Synchrotron and at X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) sources.’


Registration for workshops is not yet open – all delegates will be notified as soon as registration is available.

Please note all workshops will require an additional $25 fee to provide a packed lunch and pay for any needed supplies and spaces for workshops are strictly limited.

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